The Book of Life in the Bible

Psalms 69:27-28: The psalmist prays that the wicked will be “blotted out of the book of life.” Matthew Henry commented on these verses: “God shuts not out any from that righteousness; the gospel excludes none who do not, by unbelief, shut themselves out. But those who are proud and self-willed, so that they will not come into God’s righteousness, shall have their doom accordingly; they themselves decide it.”

Daniel 12:1: When describing a time of great distress, likely the End Times, Daniel mentions everyone who has their name in “the book . . . will be rescued.” The book here likely means the same Book of Life.

Luke 10:20: This verse speaks about names recorded in heaven. Although not using the explicit term “Book of Life,” it’s implied.

Philippians 4:3: Paul mentions those fellow workers who have shared the Gospel alongside him will have their names in the Book of Life.

Revelation 3:5: Jesus Christ knows each name in the Book of Life, a book of remembrance, as Mathew Henry said. And Christ will not erase the names of those whose faith is in him.


– Revelation 20:15: Anyone who does not have their name in the book of life during the End Days will end up in the lake of fire.

In essence, the Book of Life serves as a testament to those saved who will enjoy eternity with the Lord.

Although some theologians theorize as to whether the names were chosen ahead of time (election) or whether those whose names had been in the Book of Life can be blotted out (branches of Christianity that believe you can lose your salvation), at the end of days, Christians will want their names in the Book of Life.

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