We are opening the 1st Prophetic Foundation Community Outreach Center
As God bless us all with knowledge and the prwer to help change lives we must all do our part not only to bring souls to the kingdon of God, but also ensure that we are doing all we can to empower people with the tools need to achieve success.

When you join us in building this center you would not only be contributing to a worthy cause but also helping to save thousands of lives by giving them as chance at getting resources and assistance as needed.

TPF Community center will also helping family relocate, educate and helping victims launch start new businesses with free management and market support.

We are raising money through donations, music festival and awareness events to establish the first TPF Community Center.

Our non-denominational ministry offer more that just a place where people can worship but an haven for lost sould and people seeking to overcome financial hardships.

Imaging a community outreach center where you get rewarded to bring souls to the Christ and or have the resources to get employment, financial assistance for startups or assistance with relocation.

I pray that through your contribution to My ministry “The Prophetic Foundation” God will multiply your blessing 10 times and have you as a life time partner with us so that in the future is ever you need to call upon us we will be able to bless you, pray for you or assist you with our resources.

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