Being a Christian is hard especially if you have a spouse that can be easily deceived by church ministries with dark hearted leadership and others.

it’s time you talk with God to help you find a way out from the snakes and vipes disgusting themselves as God representatives.

be warned the families some of these churches distort will one day be their down fall to a one way ticket to hell.

I am a prophetic minister and it pains me to write this message but because I’m following the spirit of God to send people a message before their sorrows and troubles begin, God is giving whoever this intended for a chance to repent.

take heed because God knowns all thought of the heart.

I’m training my daughter to become a prophetic messenger but I’m fighting against dark four RS, pretenders and demonic souls, that only encourage me because the devil does not try to stop evil people.

Devil stay away from my children and stop trying to control weak spouses.

your day is coming soon devil.

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