How It Works

The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous!

We focus on this financial insight (Lotto Play 3 & 4) where we get a glimpse of the future in visions of today’s future. We then decode the dream from universal language to English

We use part of our winnings to help poor communities, help fight homeless, give to churches that really need the funding to carry out God’s mission of helping the poor and needy in communities we cannot reach.

Learn Do It Yourself (DIY)You must donate a one time fee of $500 to join our prophetic messenger Board to get access to read more about the nightly dreams and suggested lucky number we get through our prophetic visions.
You are not required to join you can also contribute to share in our daily lotto purchase.

  • We recomend that you register with the lottery for Florida, Virginia and Maryland so you can buy online.
  • Based on which state the prophetic messenger is in the numbers are recommended for that state.


  • We only accept the 1st 10 donations per day
  • We use the funds buy up to 100 tickets of the same number.
  • 50% of the total winnings tickets is then shared with the first 10 donors.
  • We stop taking contributions by 12 noon.
  • At 12 noon to 12:15pm we enter into prophetic prayer and meditation.
  • Between 12:30pm to 1pm we purchase our tickets.
  • Once you donate send us a text so we can confirm your position.
  • Daily winning is not guaranteed and contributors should be aware that there is no refund after we purchase the tickets.


  • This guide is only issued to people who believe in spiritual empowerment
  • Each person situation is different so we provide guidance on a case by case basis.
  • Your prayer request show detail just what you need clearance for and any need you may have.
  • We will then provide you with a suggested contribution you should make to get the work done for you.

All Contributors Get Text Daily With Suggested Numbers We See In Our Visions Of The Future.