The future always comes before our past because God words never lie and will always come to pass.

Most people live in a world where the accept the present not knowing that they have the power to change their current situation. The joy I get from knowing this is beyond explanation. Let me be brief and clear.

For many years I’ve used my knowledge to control the out come of my future for example when I need extra cash I simple go go to sleep to tap into the future for example this week May 4 – May 8 2021 I win the cash three 3 times. through i can reveal my secret how I do it i can tell you that God is real and as he say he writes our end before our beginning.

Most people would go crazy to try and get rich if they understand the power of God but because after being able to see the future and know things before they happen I am sharing this information because God give my life a purpose. Regards of what people do or say about you what matter is what purpose God has for your life.

My end is about to come to pass and my knowledge of what the Holy Spirit have reveal unto me will be pass on the another, I’m only sorry, I was too selfish and afraid to share what I know because of what I thought people may think of me. I could have help so many people in my life time from sickness, knowledge of the future, financially and showed them how to achieve the power to understand their future much better.

For now I will continue do God’s will and play Until God plan for my future end come true. Hope you understand..

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