Some ministers are preaching miss leading statement to their audience.

Telling the truth can some time scare off people or cause members to go to other church where the truth is not present.

God is about truth and those who seeks to live in his glory must speak truth and face the results event of their earthly life is at risk.  Because telling the truth will ensure that your eternal live will be in the presents of Jesus Christ. 

Here is an example:

During funeral service most pastors tell their audience that the dead person they are ministering over is in heaven with God.

This is 100% untruth and here is why.

  1. There are three heavens no one can enter the first heaven where God lives without the son Jesus Christ.
  2. It is only at the second coming of Jesus Christ when those who die in Christ will rise again and be taken up into heaven to live with Jesus for 1,000 years.
  3. After the judgement where everyone who wants to live in the presence of God for eternity they MUST be judged for every deed they have done.  Upon the final approval then the saints will get to spend eternal live for the God and all the host of angels, Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God.
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