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Thank you for Joining our prophetic foundation ministry a non denominational organization.

  • Prophetic members can also get an affiliate website where they can make residual income and free marketing through USA Caribbean Network

For your decision to join us, we will be praying daily for you and your family that the almighty God will bless you and grant you favor and much earthly blessings before Jesus Return and upon his return you will be included in the rapture with Jesus Christ if your  have accepted the salvation plan of Jesus so that you may not have to live without of God’s grace and favor when the end time for the tribulation period begins.


A DUPLICATE PROPHETIC SUB-DOMAIN TO SHARE. Ex Yourname.thepropheticfoundation.org  

VIP MEMBERS: Earn an extra $2,000/Year when 100 or more people registered as prophetic members from your site.

We will be building the first spiritual worship center of heaven replicated from the Bible Prophecy about what the entrance of heaven resembles.  As we will be focusing on daily praise and pray worship to Jesus Christ and The Almighty God.

How VIP Prophetic MEMBERS will generate residual income for their support of God’s Prophetic Foundation.

  • Only 100 prophetic Members will have a chance to get duplicate prophetic messenger sites where anyone around the world can register from to get access, free ebooks and tickets to prophetic events.

  • Prophetic VIP Members are the pillar of our foundation, each year we would like honor our VIP Prophetic Members by provide free travel packages to some of our events such as;

God’s Annual Millennium Earth Festival

Yearly prophetic business conference

Annual fundraiser golf tournament, etc.,



As you will be helping to save many souls for the kingdom of God for everlasting lifetime rewards by just sharing the truth with family & friends. You spiritual reward is eternal life with God, but you must accept Jesus because he is the only on with the keys to open heaven’s door so you can go in.  Plus you would not want to be left behind just because you refuse accept his plan for eternal salvation.

The Prophetic foundation design to provide community outreach programs to help the poor  and  educate lost souls with the good news of Jesus return.

Launch the G.A.M.E Festival (God’s Annual Millennium Earth Festival)

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