It’s ok to pray and encourage each other but God’s plan is not to hurt us but to help prepare up to what is coming.  Must people dont want to hear the truth and refuse to began to prepare for what is coming.  Just like in the days on Noah and Lot people began to pray and listen when the destruction started but it was too late.

If you don’t want to learn the truth about Jesus Christ and his return this prophetic foundation may not be for you.  We do not build our membership on friendship, money or any need from anyone buy God.  In fact we have build an income sharing business to give away our revenues to anyone who will believe in Jesus Christ.

Your days are numbered unless you believe on the only God that can save you, next review and research what you can do to be safe.  The secret if in this website and the only reason why we don’t share all the details, you have to make a choice about where you want to go in your next life.

God will not force you to enter heaven, he will give you a choice.

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