The Prophetic Ark of God

Welcome to our global outreach ministry the first non-denominational ministry design to use its financial resources to help members daily , provide housing, clothing, food, home repair assistance in the event of natural disaster and hosting of a global Awareness festival to bring about change to the community and to promote awareness for several causes.

As we are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are providing some resources.  The Prophetic Foundation was started in 2013, as a non-denomination religion to offer facts of the existence of God during worship time and helping people to have better prosperity.

The Prophetic Ministry have over 4,500 members worldwide on our social media.  As the Lord leads and provide a prophetic vision To the the founder Dr. Micklewhite who relocate from the USA in 2018 to establish the world first Prophetic Ark of God Ministry  in the Caribbean (TBA)

The Prophetic Ark of God Ministry will be dedicated to using it’s resources to help members daily.  With financial assistance, prophetic teachings, prophetic  healing and spiritual protection  against all odds.

It is important that ministry leaders are spiritually grounded and knowledgeable to be apart of the spiritual experience when the spirit of God begins to move upon the people of God. Most important is to become a servant of God by helping people in the community and around the world.

Through tidings, donations, collections and contribution we focus on helping members  in our outreach community by providing finance assistance for unemployed to help cover utility, living expense and offer educational outreach programs, annual awareness festival, business development projects to help every member of our church life a prosperous life.

Through our ministry everyone who are experiencing difficulties i. Their life will never be without God’s blessing.  Our ministry is dedicated in sharing our resource, provide free education and resources to help people daily.

If you need prophetic healing and blessings  for any of the following the Prophetic Ark of God have a special Covernant with God that all who enter with receive a spiritual experience to have their problem solved or their request answered.

  • Sickness/Healing

  • Employment/jobs

  • Prosperity

  • Love & Relationship

  • Success from misfortune

  • Household & Family

  • Finances

  • Protection from enemies

  • New home success

  • Business success

  • Blessing over your Life

We believe that upon completion of building the Prophetic Ark of God Ministry people from around the world will seek out this Prophetic Ark to seek out the spiritual empowerment of the one true God who can do all things, change all things without time or limits.