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When I join the ministry what is expected of me?

For too long some ministries has been about

  • Focusing on buildings, their leadership material gains and not helping members with finance, homes or jobs.

  • Some ministries offering temporary food and clothing assistance to homeless victims, but not permanent housing solutions.

  • Most ministries do not adequately preparing their members to become soul winners for the kingdom of God, they just want people to attend Sunday church and pay tides and give more to their vision.

Our ministry is geared toward helping people to understand that they are the body and temple of Jesus Christ.

Our empowerment ministry teaches people how to:

  • Prayers that work for different situation, and the spiritual connection requirement to receiving favor from God.

  • We teach techniques how to spread the gospel to others

  • Rewards financially for wining souls by recomending people to accept jesus christ.

  • Meditation requirement for receiving the Holy Spirit to work through you.

As an prophetic training session is done online and the practical training is done in your community.

  • Their is no tiding requirement or membership fees.

  • We do encourage our members to visit local churches in their community to participate in worshiping God with others. After accepting Jesus Christ you are now a part of the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in you not the building therefore any church you worship in if God be in you the praises you offer will be true.

After you have proven yourself as a qualified candidate of our prophetic community, you will become an equal partner in our ministry. $500/year contribution to our ministry as a premium member.