About our Ministry

The Prophetic Foundation has establish an outreach Ministry (The Prophetic Ministry) organize prayer and worship service for believers to experience the true presents of God in every worship service. In addition to helping people in need of resources, jobs, business opportunity and funding assistance.

The fundamental principles of our ministry come from The Prophetic Man of God “Fitz Gearald Mccaulsky” from St. Andrews, Jamaica, who has adopted over many children and teach them to become inspired by the ministry. Dedicated himself to God as a true servant and spiritual worshiper from the age of 14 until his death in 2001.

The last known prophet of God “Fitzgerald McCaulsky”

HIS STORY began just over 84 years ago in the salubrious hills of rural St. Andrew in a small, little-known, unassuming district with the fittingly regal name of King Weston on November 20, 1916.

Although he left this earth on February 10, 2001, his spiritual legacy will live on in those who knew him, even in those who knew of him and certainly in his sons who carry on his ministry and continue in the biblical teachings he thought them.

The Prophetic Ministry

No matter who you are or where you are God will be with you, When you believe and accept his son Jesus Christ into your life you are welcome to join our unique ministry that focus on helping every member to find employment, start a business or get financial assistance from the ministry.

Our ministry is designed to seek out the unsaved and sinners to win over souls for the kingdom of God.

More information will be sent to you direct if you decide to become a member.

Sunday service line up

• Prayer request from all believers

• Today’s  Prophetic Message

• Recognition of new souls who accepted Jesus Christ

  • The Prophetic Ministry fulfillment workshop for those in need
  • Prayer walking