For many years i was led to bel;eive that if i did not attent a church building i would be commiting a sin or i was not in line with God’s word, but after my discovery of the Lord Jesus Christ and the many miracles he has brought me true i wanted to shout out the truth and regardless of who hear it I pray that they will receive it.

From Prophetic Micklewhite

This article may give a brief explanation of how you should realy look at worshiping God.

[Note. There are many godly people who attend church, and there are many positive things about attending church. Many people have discovered and accepted Christ in a church.

This article is not putting down churches as far as a place to gather and hear the word of God, because it does not matter where one hears God’s Truth, as long as they hear it! However, this article deals with the topic of “how” we are to worship God, and addresses the belief that one must worship God in a physical building called a church. There is a difference between going to a place to hear God’s Word, and going to a place to worship God.

Dear reader, did you know that there is no command in scripture which says that a believer in Christ must attend a church building in order to worship God? This is true. Also, there are no examples of any follower of Christ going to a church building to worship God. They worshipped God by their obedience to Him in every area of life, every day of their lives. They did not worship Him by giving only one hour of their time every week to some temple made with hands.

A “Church” is basically a temple made with hands. Does God dwell in temples made with hands? Scripture tells us:

Acts 7:48, “Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands;”

Acts 17:24, “God…dwelleth not in temples made with hands;”

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